China Furious After Pelosi Lands In Taiwan, Promises All Necessary Measures To Defend Itself


Tuesday’s long statement by the People’s Republic of China condemned Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan’s island.China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the statement. Pelosi (D.Calif.) is accused of undermining U.S. relations with China and encouraging “separatist movements to ‘Taiwan independence.’

Pelosi arrived in Taiwan Tuesday night local time. Pelosi is Taiwan’s highest-ranking American official since Newt Gingrich’s 1997 trip.

Taiwan Strait and Taiwan Strait are claimed by the People’s Republic of China. This is the narrow stretch of ocean between Taiwan and China’s mainland. This area has been used by the Chinese military to test Taiwan’s air defense systems in the past.

The U.S. does not have official relations with Taiwan (also known as Republic of China). It does however maintain a One China Policy that recognizes People’s Republic of China as an entity.

China is trying to isolate the island by imposing isolationist policies on America. America has been increasing its engagement with China.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to the China-US Joint Communique For the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations in their statement. The statement states that the United States of America recognizes the Government of People’s Republic of China (the only legal government of China). The United States will maintain cultural, commercial, and other informal relationships with the people of Taiwan in this context.

The message stated that Taiwan was an internal issue of China and that the U.S. had no jurisdiction over it.

Pelosi insists that the diplomatic visit is not intended to undermine U.S. relations to China or to legitimize U.S.–Taiwan cooperation.

China was the latest to threaten U.S. forces on Taiwan.

The mainland believes that the U.S. visit had “all the consequences”.

The USS Ronald Reagan and a strike force left a port in Singapore Tuesday to be positioned near Taiwan. A Navy spokesperson confirmed the news but said that it was a planned visit.

Pelosi will travel along a House delegation that includes Democratic Reps. Gregory Meeks, Mark Takano from California, Suzan DelBene and Raja Krishnamoorthi, Illinois, as well as Andy Kim, New Jersey.


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