‘Circumstantial but Devastating’ Video Resurfaces of Joe and Hunter Biden Talking Business With Potential Clients

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

A potentially devastating video from 2005 has resurfaced showing Hunter Biden socializing with then-senator Joe Biden and potential clients, discussing “the weather.” I’m just kidding. They weren’t talking about the weather; they were talking business.

The video, which was taken after a speech in South Carolina, was recently featured on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” and it captures a moment where Hunter Biden stands on the sidelines while Joe Biden interacts with attendees, “working the room,” as Kelly describes it. After waiting patiently for the right moment, Hunter eventually joins the conversation to greet a couple with whom he had apparently discussed a potential business opportunity linked to his lobbying firm.

“At the right time, Hunter moves, all right, Hunter moves in as soon as it turns to business. Watch and listen here,” Kelly observed, before showing the exchange that occurred.

“Maybe we can work something out,” Joe Biden says to the couple in the video.

“Yeah, yeah, that is what we will do,” the woman excitedly replies.

“Hunter was just telling me about his law firm in Washington, his law firm,” replies the man next to her.

“Yeah,” Joe Biden says, clearly not surprised.

“Do you have a [business] card by any chance?” the man asks Hunter.

“I don’t, but I’ll give you my, uhh—” Hunter replies.

“Well let me give you mine,” the man offers.

“Yeah, then I’ll give you my [inaudible]… I gave ’em all away,” Hunter explains.

At this point, the woman starts engaging with Joe, while Hunter and the man go off to the side to have a separate conversation that the camera can’t pick up.

“You see it right there. That’s how it worked,” Kelly observed. “Circumstantial but devastating.”

This took place while Joe Biden was a senator. He wasn’t even vice president yet, and it appears that he and Hunter had been working political events for years to make business deals. For sure, business only got better when Joe Biden became vice president and yielded more influence. That they were doing this out in the open with a camera on them tells you how little shame they had and leaves me wondering how many more deals were done similarly out of sight of the cameras or behind closed doors for years.

While the new impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden involves influence-peddling during his time as vice president, it’s quite clear the shady Biden family business was going on well before that.


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