CNN Nails White House Over Biden Falsehood About Contact With Son’s Business

AP Photo/Ron Harris

Joe Biden’s election prospects just seem to be getting worse and worse. The now official impeachment inquiry and the controversy over his son Hunter blowing off a subpoena to testify to the House Oversight Committee is not likely to help Joe’s chances. 

Hunter Biden demonstrated that he could have showed up for the Oversight deposition, but essentially gave the House a big finger by showing up on the Senate side of the Capitol and attacking “MAGA Republicans” in a speech. Among the things he said was that his father was not “financially involved” in his business.

That was moving the goalposts yet again from what Joe Biden had started out saying that he didn’t have contact with/speak to his son’s business associates. That also leaves open Hunter is admitting Joe was “involved” in other ways. But millions of dollars were flowing to the Biden family and Devon Archer said they were selling the Biden name as the “brand.”

That is the connection that was allegedly being sold. 

White House Counsel spokesperson Ian Sams went on CNN to help clean up the mess and it did not go well. So when Hunter has just done something he could be prosecuted for, maybe that’s not the time to say that Joe is “proud” of his son? 

As we noted before, Joe was aware Hunter was going to give the statement and presumably blow off the subpoena. 

Did he talk with him about it or advise him to do so? Because that could be obstructing if he did. In the past, Joe Biden has said people who defied subpoenas should be prosecuted. 

Sams took the Biden playbook, calling facts “lies.”

He said the Republicans were just trying to smear Biden. He even noted that some of these facts have been involved in the impeachment of former President Donald Trump. He got impeached for inquiring about Biden’s alleged corruption, but Democrats don’t want Biden to be held accountable for his actions or falsehoods. 

 But CNN’s Phil Mattingly wasn’t going for that, noting this was an “evolution” from what Joe Biden had previously been saying on the matter — “never talked about” and “not involved.”

Sams disputed the “whole premise of that question.” Yes, they want to avoid all the facts, but Mattingly got them good. Sams tries to deflect with nonsense, but Mattingly wouldn’t let him. He said the White House had said very explicitly that Joe had not spoken to his son about his business dealings, “and that is very clearly not the case.”

What the White House has said has “changed.” 

“It is a fact,” Mattingly said that Joe Biden “said one thing that ended up being not true.” 

Sams said he disputed the indisputable facts. When even CNN has to admit it, Sams is trying to go up a creek without a paddle. 


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