CNN Reporter Tweets There Are Serious Questions About Hunter Biden, FBI


CNN correspondent Sara Sidner identified the Hunter Biden scandal on Sunday in a Twitter thread. She argued that Biden’s business dealings should not be considered a political issue and that it shouldn’t be.

According to the reporter, legitimate questions about President Joe Biden’s son and the FBI investigation into him “should be asked”, even though the younger Biden does not hold the office of an elected official.

Although Sidner’s mention of the Hunter Biden scandal angered many liberals on Twitter who condemned her post and wondered whether this was another sign that CNN has gone off the rails since its new management suggested that it be free from partisan bias.

Sidner shared a Yahoo! News article about Hunter Biden’s alleged relationship with Chinese billionaire Ye Jianming. Sidner also shared a Yahoo!

This article described how emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop contained evidence of the relationship and large monetary exchanges that took place between the two parties.

Yahoo! News reported.

Sidner was intrigued by the report and sent a Monday tweet. CNN’s correspondent shared the article and wrote: “There are serious questions to be asked about Hunter Biden. Although he is not an elected official, legitimate questions about Hunter Biden’s past business dealings and the FBI’s handling of them should be raised.

Sidner also shared a MSNBC report on FBI agent Timothy Thibault’s resignation from the FBI. Thibault was accused of bias in handling Hunter Biden’s laptop investigation at the Bureau.

Fox News Digital reported that Senator Chuck Grassley was informed by multiple FBI whistleblowers last month that Thibault had “not followed” the “strict substantial facts predication guidelines to initiate an investigation” into Hunter Biden’s laptop. Sources claim Thibault is involved in “interference” with the investigation.

However, several prominent liberals on Twitter weren’t happy that a CNN reporter was so interested in the subject.

Cheri Jacobus, a liberal journalist, commented “Unfollowed.” After seeing Sidner’s tweet.

She also tweeted, “CNN journalists (the true ones, not this garbage), should resign immediately to protest the fascist new leadership.”

Some liberals have complained about CNN’s new management, which has taken the network in a more partisan direction. Some claim that the network has “gone all MAGA.”

John Cusack, a Liberal actor, fumed at the post and argued that Sidner should ask questions about alleged Republican malfeasance.


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