CNN’s Don Lemon Says ‘I Was Not Always Perfect’ As He Wraps Up Final Prime-Time Show


CNN’s Don Lemon concluded his prime-time show Friday night with an emotional ending. He told viewers, “I wasn’t always perfect” and also cried and sniffled. It was a joke.

What are the Details?

The cable network was struggling with a series of programming failures as well as declining ratings. Last month, it announced that “Don Lemon Tonight” would end and that the left-leaning host would be co-anchoring a new morning program alongside Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins. This show will debut sometime in 2012.

Lemon admitted that he was not perfect and had to leave the final prime-time slot. Because of the immense pressures involved in this job, especially at 10 o’clock when most people go to bed, Lemon said that there are tremendous pressures. Sometimes, all I can do is smile and get on with the commercial.

He said, “Sometimes it is exhausting because some of these things that we discuss are so personal and so consumed, all-consuming.” So I hope I made you proud. Thank you so much for tuning in over the years. I hope you’ll be there in the morning. I will say goodbye to you and see you again soon.

Things became a bit theatrical when Lemon waved at the camera and said “I’m leaving, and I’m going upstairs.” As he trudged up the flight stairs behind his set, the camera followed him and he blurted out “Bye!” He sighed and then walked out.

“Actually, you were perfect. Don — perfectly never objective.”

People were not kind to Lemon’s final sign-off, especially in light of his “I wasn’t always perfect” comment.

One commenter observed, “It’s funny he actually thought that he was perfect sometimes.”

Another commenter stated, “Actually, you were perfect, Don — perfectly objective on every topic ….but then again, no one watched, especially not me.”

“Rarely, but never, perfect. Another commenter said, “Helped spread hate and discontent.”

Another commenter observed, “Just like he stated, nobody’s perfect nor ever perfect.” He should have said, “I make poor judgments.” You are stroking yourself by using the word perfect for yourself.

More mockery is displayed in his emotional demeanor.

Another commenter stated, “I also fought back tears.” “Tears of joy.”

“Demotion is sad, but it seems like party time!” Another commenter exclaimed.

Another commenter said “Hilarious”.

Do you have any other suggestions?

His left-wing pronouncements weren’t as common before Lemon’s announcement. He said that the media shouldn’t treat Democrats or Republicans as equals in July because the GOP was “very dangerous to society”. In September, however, he supported President Joe Biden’s use of the “semi-fascism term” to describe “MAGA Republicans,” and claimed that Biden’s words are “unifying” since some belief them to be true.

Lemon’s leftism appeared to have been revived right after the announcement. He suggested that the wealth that King Charles III had inherited from Queen Elizabeth II’s death should be used to pay reparations to the descendants of those who were slaved in Africa. A British commentator then criticized him.

Lemon attempted to contact the National Hurricane Center but was unsuccessful in getting a specialist to help explain Hurricane Ian’s severity to Florida’s west coast.

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