CNN’s Lemon: Classified Docs Defense ‘Concerning’ — ‘If You’re Explaining, You’re Losing’


Anchor Don Lemon said Monday on “CNN This Morning” that President Joe Biden failed to adequately explain his mishandling of classified documents.

Lemon said, “Over the weekend, five additional pages of classified information found at Joe Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware. How concerned are you about that? And are you satisfied with the attorney general that he has now appointed a special counsel to investigate this?”

Representative Mike Lawler (R-NY) said, “Well, I think obviously, when you look at the former president and the current president, the bottom line is this. Classified documents shouldn’t be in anybody’s home. They shouldn’t be leaving the White House. They should be returned back to the National Archives, et cetera. I think you need to have consistency on this.”

Lemon said, “The response from the president has been concerning for many people, both Democrats, and Republicans, especially the comment about the garage and the Corvette.”

He asked, “As you say, I think most people at home say, ‘both guys have documents that they shouldn’t have’ even though, as of now, one had hundreds more. You don’t think the difference in Biden seeming to cooperate and the lawyers and turning it over and Trump not cooperating for months and having to have a warrant and what have you — you don’t think that makes a difference to folks at home?”

Lawler said, “I think it is a distinction without a difference.”

Lemon said, “I can’t disagree with you on that.”

Lawler said, “The bottom line here is either the documents should not have been taken or there’s no issue with it and so there needs to be consistency when we talk about these issues.”

Lemon said, “If you’re explaining, you’re losing because they’re trying to explain the difference and we know there is a difference. But as we said, to most folks at home, this guy did wrong, this guy did wrong.”


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