Comer: Passing Omnibus Means FBI ‘Unaccountable’ for Twitter Files



On Monday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “The Record,” House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. James Comer (R-KY) stated that if an omnibus bill funding the government for the next year passes, the FBI will “continue to be unaccountable” for the behavior revealed in the Twitter files and “we’re giving away one of the biggest tools” to force the administration to secure the border.

Comer said, “The open border policy by the Biden administration has to stop. And Greta, we’re giving away one of the biggest tools we have right now to hold this administration accountable, and that’s the power of the purse. If the Senate goes along with this omnibus bill and ties our hands for the next twelve months, where we can’t cut their budget, then shame on the Senate. This is one of the things that we can do in January to try to get the administration to secure the border, and that’s to cut off their funding. But yet, we’ve got senators right now negotiating a yearlong omnibus spending package, very disappointing.”

Later, after the discussion turned to the Twitter files and its revelations on the FBI’s behavior, Comer stated, “This FBI is out of control. … Who is funding this? I mean, Congress has to step up in the next few days and say, we’ve got to wait until January to fund these government agencies, or else they’re going to continue to be unaccountable.”


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