Cops Get Shot at by an Arrested Man’s Family Member Who’s Four


This story is a great choice if you are looking for an engaging story that captures the essence of America.

A man went to a McDonald’s in Midvale, Utah. He analyzed his order and concluded that fast food workers had made an error.

Salt Lake City’s KTV:

According to a police report, Sadaat Johnson (27) became angry with workers who made his “surf-and-turf” burger.

Johnson returned to the drive-up window to exchange words with employees

Sadaat had an idea for how to provide superior service. He held a gun.

Employees asked Johnson to move to the front of their store while they finished his order.

Of course, they dialed 911. Unified Police arrived quickly on the scene.

Sadaat was approached by the first officers who arrived at his Honda. They told him to get out of the CRX. Instead, he rolled down his window and was pulled from the car by police. A patrolman shouted suddenly:

“Gun! Gun! Gun!”

Then came a single shot, and then there were more commands.

“Shots fired! “Drop the gun!”

The next exclamation was unusual:

“Kid! Kid! Kid! Kid!”

The New York Post published this report shortly after the incident:

While he was being apprehended, police said, the dad instructed [his] 4-year-old child — who was still in the vehicle — to shoot the officers. Cops said they saw a small arm and hand holding a gun appear from inside the vehicle.

A police officer hit the gun as it fired, forcing the bullet upward, and it hit a restaurant awning.

The gun’s muzzle caused severe burns to the officer’s arm. Two boys in blue were just above their heads when the round flew.

The McDonald’s escorted the children, of which the youngest was three years old, into their restaurant. The gun-packing preschooler explained to the fuzz why it was that he had shot at the cops.

“I grabbed my father’s gun and tried shooting the police to make him free to do whatever he wanted.”

The baby used a Smith & Wesson SD9 VE hand-cannon.

Gun Deals: Smith & Wesson S&W SD9 VE 16+1 w/ Crimson Trace Tactical Light $389.99

— AmmoLand News (@AmmoLand) December 14, 2020

CBS2 has more:

Johnson would later inform investigators that this was not his first attempt to take his gun from his 4-year-old son.

The shooting took place in February. Sadaat pleaded guilty in June to aggravated assault and child abuse. He was sentenced both to 120 days imprisonment and probation.

This week, bodycam footage from the incident was released.

America was a country that taught children to respect their elders long before the advent of modern technology. Police were friends and community heroes.

Some may argue that corruption in the department has damaged trust. However, there is another issue within the culture.

Forget being called “sir”, or “ma’am” these days.

It’s a social collapse (Language Warning).

WATCH as they two children hit and curse at Minnesota police officers.

This is the result of fatherless homes and parents misguiding their kids.

Where’s the social workers?!

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) July 12, 2022

Although the fate of the country is not certain, don’t be surprised if civility returns soon.

If you are thinking about joining the force, ask yourself this question: Are you ready to fight with criminals in pampers? If you are not willing to engage in firefights with perpetrators in pampers, then a career as a law enforcement officer may not be right for you.

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