Could Glenn Youngkin Be the One to Challenge Donald Trump?


As the 2024 presidential election creeps ever closer, the Republican Party is wrestling with a complicated question: Is there anyone who has a chance of beating out former President Donald Trump for the nomination? The former president maintains a daunting lead over the rest of the primary field, one that does not appear to be closing any time soon.

Those in the Republican space who would rather have an alternative to Trump are still in search of a contender who could possibly challenge his dominant position in the polling. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who many viewed as the primary contender who could possibly defeat the former president, has failed to make a significant enough splash. Now, there are rumblings that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin might take up the mantle. But those wishing for such a scenario to materialize will probably be disappointed.

In a rare D.C. appearance, Youngkin spoke about the possibility of a White House run and said he isn’t giving up on Virginia being home to a new NFL stadium and the Washington Commanders.

For nearly an hour Tuesday, [the governor] fielded questions on several debates underway in Virginia, including a 15-week abortion ban and parental involvement in schools.

But Youngkin turned heads when asked about what the host called “the elephant in the room”: the possibility of him joining the crowded pool of Republican presidential candidates.

The governor was interviewed by historian, billionaire and philanthropist David Rubenstein at the Washington Economic Club.

Youngkin said he was “humbled” by the continued speculation about his possible candidacy but said for now, he’s focusing exclusively the state elections to decide control of Virginia’s general assembly.

“It is really exciting to see that there are folks not just in Virginia but outside Virginia both in the United States and around the world who are really excited about what we are doing in Virginia,” Youngkin said.

Support for a potential Youngkin candidacy goes far beyond mere speculation coming from members of the chattering class. Former Attorney General Bill Barr posited that the governor could garner a substantial level of support among the conservative base. Billionaire Thomas Peterffy said that funding would be available for Youngkin should he decide to throw his hat into the ring. Even further, former Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch indicated interest in seeing the governor run.

It is worth noting that there is a sense of urgency if Youngkin did decide to seek the presidency. The ballot deadlines are quickly approaching in many states, which means the window is closing.

However, given Youngkin’s comments on the issue, it appears those desperate for a viable alternative to Trump are going to be let down. It seems he is laser-focused on governing Virginia, which is the way it should be. He has already done much to address issues like abortion, parental rights, education, and others.

If Youngkin decides against running for 2024, he will remain a political figure to keep an eye on. Just because he is not running at the moment does not mean he will not set his sights higher in the future – especially if he continues governing in a way that finds favor with Virginians.



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