Credit Card Companies Go Full Commie With the Gun Grabbers


The Democrats want your guns. That is unshakeable.

Although the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, we all know what the reaction is among the left. They hate the Second Amendment because they want all Americans to be unarmed.

Gee…wonder why.

Corporate America, for reasons I won’t understand, has decided to join the anti-gun lobbyists. Here are some updates from Rick:

American Express, Visa, and Mastercard are the credit card giants. They will begin categorizing gun sales from gun shops with a new merchant code provided by the International Organization for Standardization. Individual gun store sales were previously classified as “general merchandise”.

Now, if you don’t obey the law and the companies that finance you aren’t you a criminal?

If it is actually happening, it is not paranoia. For a long time, the Dems have tried to build a list of gun owners. They want you to be unarmed when they arrive.

It is very Soviet to use the largest credit providers in the world to track your preferences. It’s the dystopian novel of the worst orders.

It is possible that we will once again reduce our scale to a barter society.

Everything Isn’t Terrible:


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