CRT Symposium Speaker Calls Diversity of Thought White Supremacist Extremist


Does diversity in thought equal white supremacy? This is what a professor at a college believes.

Campus Reform reported that faculty recently met to discuss Critical Race Theory. It was hosted at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and was organized by the Critical Race Studies in Education Association.

This website explains the mission statement for CRSEA:

Our commitment is to (1) fight systemic and institutional racism through scholarship and practice and (2) acknowledge multiple places of oppression as well as the myriad manifestations thereof, and (3) co-constructing liberating information that facilitates collective agency in transforming schools, communities, and communities.

The meet-up featured discussions by instructors about whiteness, the current blight.

Campus Reform witnesses claim Campus Reform raped an educator at a California college.

“Whiteness is built against darkness.” One conference-goer said that blackness is inherently violent. There is no virtue. Michael Dumas, a University of California Berkeley professor who spoke at the conference, was specifically referred to.

Dumas claimed that America and “Whiteness” know each other through violence. Another attendee said that Dumas was quoted as saying that “no whiteness is not already violent.”

These tweets were CR-quoted. It appears that they have been deleted or made public.

Dumas has shared similar views in recent times. Dumas also tweeted that whiteness is violent and delusional delighting in Black Death in all historical periods and that justice would never come to America because it was built upon violence.

The outlet also relays a second description from Indiana University–Purdue Professor James Scheurich. Scheurich said that “research” was an elite colonial white supremacist effort.

Here’s more:

Professor Theodore Berry said that “some people should just be made awake.”

Campus Reform was told by her that the incident of marginalization or the “slap” was what she meant.

One University of Chicago Ph.D. student concluded her conference by noting that it was a pleasure to have “a few tears”.

David Stovall from the University of Illinois at Chicago made the most shocking claim at this conference.

He stated that “White Tears” were an act of political and physical violence.

Windex works to improve whiteness, wakefulness, and sleep quality.

This option is very popular in schools.

It’s being fought by many, not just academics.

Chuck Todd, MSNBC host is doing his part.

Freedom of speech is a code for white supremacy. Or, to go back to the conference, diversity in thought equals racism.

America faces significant problems to resolve

It doesn’t seem like we will be able to solve all of them quickly.


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