Dan Rather Schooled On Twitter Wondering What Is Going On With CNN


Twitter users flooded Dan Rather’s tweet, which disgraced him as a CBS anchor and expressed confusion over the recent tone shift in CNN’s reporting,

On Friday, the newsman and liberal commentator tweeted about something “going on” at the network. This generated concern among liberals and mockery among conservatives that the network was abandoning its partisan political bent in reporting.

Rather might have noticed, like many liberals on Twitter did, two CNN reporters who rebuffed Biden’s political speech as a “MAGA Republican”, for using the U.S. Marines during its presentation.

This was another sign for many liberals that CNN had moved away from the partisan, left-wing politics it wanted to pursue.

This impression was likely influenced by the firing of Brian Stelter, a partisan anchor, and Friday’s departure from CNN of John Harwood, a liberal CNN White House correspondent.

Rather tweeted Friday that he was aware of all these developments. It’s a serious question. There’s a lot of speculation about motives and directives. Is there really a plot? Is it being seen by the audience?

Both sides of the political aisle responded quickly.

Joe Pagliarulo, a conservative talk show host, mocked Rather by tweeting: “Dan Rather thinks CNN is an audience.” That’s cute, Dan.”

Ameshia Cross (Democratic political analyst for talk radio), seemed annoyed at CNN’s small step away from left-wing policies. Rather responded by saying that “CNN is dying a shameful demise.” They were once a reliable source. The network was a part of my childhood. Today, I am ashamed of their actions. This bizarre pivot Right attack on Biden’s speech is the final nail in their coffin. They sound Fox-lite with Fox viewers, with few exceptions.

Carmine Sabia, a conservative writer, claimed that Rather was just annoyed that CNN would be opting to report more fairly in the future. He criticized Rather by tweeting: “Dan Rather as a journalist, which I used to pretend to being, you are supposed call strikes and balls, not pick a team. You do. John Hardwood did, and CNN fired him. Fox Lite’s tantrum is trending. Fairness seems unfair when unfairness is your game.

Howard Forman, a Yale professor, responded to Rather by tweeting: “It IS noticeable by this member of audience.” CNN could become parody of bothsidesism and whataboutism.


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