Deadspin Writer Who Falsely Accused a Child of ‘Blackface’ Has His Old Tweets Resurfaced, and Hoo Boy

AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa

Apparently, liberal media outlets have a thing with trying to cancel children over false allegations. The biggest example is CNN’s treatment of Nick Sandmann, but formerly failed and resurrected “sports” website Deadspin tried to get in on the action on Monday. 

In an article entitled “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress,” a young kid was doxxed and accused of donning blackface (yes, it’s one word for the barely-literate editors over at Deadspin). In reality, he had his face painted red and black in support of his favorite football team. 

As expected, the author of the piece doubled down, eliminating any excuse that he had simply made a mistake. 

So who exactly is Carron J. Phillips? Some of his resurfaced tweets are providing an answer to that question. 

There’s a word for someone who claims other people are doing something they themselves are guilty of. It’s called projection. While the kid wearing facepaint at an NFL game wasn’t actually doing anything racist, Phillips’ own words smack of it. How else can you describe someone who sees white people on the street and thinks it’s “concerning.” 

Intersectionality rots minds. It serves as an outlet for bigotry wrapped in a facade of being against it. It provides cover for actual racists. How mentally deranged does someone have to be to plaster a kid’s face on the internet because he wore face paint at a football game? But that’s what Phillips did because his worldview is so hopelessly narrow. I’d tell Deadspin to do better, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. 


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