Déjà Vu? $75M Set Aside for Security As 70 Groups Pledge to March on Chicago DNC Convention

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    Are we soon to witness 1968 all over again, where violence wracked the Chicago Democratic National Convention in the lead-up to the November presidential vote?

    Many pundits have predicted exactly that, taking into account the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020 and the ongoing pro-Hamas demonstrations roiling campuses across the nation. RedState’s Andrew Malcolm and Ward Clark have both delved into the issue before:

    Déjà vu?

    1968 Again? Protesters Also Aim to Gather in Chicago for Joe Biden’s Nomination

    Democrats Fear Their 2024 National Convention May See Repeat of Violence in 1968

    But let’s examine some numbers to get a better sense of the chances of chaos overtaking the Second City when Democrats meet there in late August to formally certify the decrepit incumbent President Joe Biden as their standard-bearer for the ’24 election.

    Unlucky 7s?

    Two numbers, both starting with “7,” trigger red flags:

    Radicals are not exactly hiding their intentions to cause disorder in Chi-Town:

    “We will reject the DNC in Chicago?” What exactly does that mean? It doesn’t sound peaceful, that’s for sure. 

    Chicago has already seen plenty of unrest long before the convention gets underway, as Alderman Lopez points out:

    The potential problem is one entirely of the Democrats’ own making, and should bedlam descend upon the Windy City this summer, they will deservedly take the blame. They lauded the purposeless (and depraved) “P-Hat” protests after Trump was inaugurated in 2017, they egged on the deadly, destructive George-Floyd BLM anarchy in 2020, and they’ve been celebrating the pro-Hamas mobs as just good people exercising their First Amendment rights instead of calling them out as the vandalistic, violent, antisemitic hooligans they so often are. 

    If we do see the convention roiled by turmoil and, God forbid, violence, and if disgusted Americans vote Trump into the Oval Office just as they voted in Richard Nixon in a ’68 landslide, many critics won’t be able to help themselves and will think, the “chickens are coming home to roost” for Dems.


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