Dem Lawmaker Unwittingly Makes Case for 2A With Bill Requiring Armed Guards at Chicago Banks, Retail Stores

(John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune via AP)

An Illinois state representative this week introduced legislation that would mandate armed guards at businesses susceptible to armed robbery. The irony couldn’t be better, given that the proposed legislation flies in the face of several Democrat narratives and destroys many of their illogical claims.

The Armed Security Protection Act, if passed, would require banks, pawn shops, grocery stores, and gas stations in municipalities with populations greater than two million to employ and have on the premises at least one armed guard during business hours, as reported by Blaze Media. While the bill doesn’t mention Chicago, the Windy City is the only city in the state with a population greater than two million. How “clever.”

Irony abounds, here.

Congressional Democrats have long opposed arming school teachers, and the gun-grabber in chief, Joe Biden is steadfastly opposed to “hardening schools” against potential shooters. But here we have a Democrat state lawmaker, desperate to stop violent crime, proposing legislation requiring armed guards to protect money, obviously believing the adage that bad guys with guns are only stopped by good guys with guns. Yet, Democrats refuse to apply the same (correct) logic to protecting America’s school children, irrationally choosing instead to attempt to deny the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Totally logical, right? Uh-huh — about as logical as the ridiculous sign below.

Guns New York
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Incidentally, the ridiculousness of “gun-free zones” has always amused the crap out of me. Imagine a really bad dude, armed to teeth and determined to rob a specific bank, maybe close to where he lives. So, our would-be bank robber gets jacked up to rob that bank, shows up with adrenaline flowing through his veins, and comes “face-to-face” with a “gun-free zone” sign. What now?

Does the dude look at the sign, the air escaping from his balloon as he reads it, and say “Damn. I really wanted to rob this bank,” then tuck his tail between his legs and dejectedly go home to sulk? Please.

On the contrary, if the dude has a brain at all, once he sees the sign, he gets even more jacked up, and it’s go-time. And the bank in our scenario could be a gas station, grocery store, pawn shop, or any other business, or a neighborhood plastered with similar idiotic signs. But I digress; let’s get back to the Illinois story.

The Irony Continues

While Illinois Democrat lawmakers generally support more gun control and fewer guns, rather than more guns to fight runaway violent crime, the primary sponsor of the Armed Security Protection Act, Democrat Rep. Thaddeus Jones, also voted for a ban on pretend “assault rifles” (AR-15 and various other semi-automatic firearms), which Illinois Democrat Gov. J. B. Pritzker signed into law earlier in January.

And embattled Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot notoriously and delusionally blames guns for the ever-skyrocketing number of murders and other violent crimes, vs. those who pull the triggers. Last time I checked, a total of zero guns have committed murder or other crimes.

Speaking of Lori Lightfoot, as I reported last Friday, the crack crime-stopper offered a brilliant tip to Chicagoans in fear of being robbed at gunpoint: Don’t carry money. No, really — how could you make that up?

The Bottom Line

While I applaud a Democrat lawmaker introducing legislation to place armed guards at businesses susceptible to robbery, I have a helluva problem with hypocritical Democrats refusing to apply that same logic to the protection of school children, and the rights of American citizens to protect their homes and their families with the legal weapon(s) of their choice. Why the difference?

We’ve heard Democrats, including Biden, preach about not “needing” AR-15s and other semi-auto firearms. But unfortunately for the left, the Second Amendment specifically speaks to “rights,” not “needs,” and the notion of the federal government (Democrat Party) as the arbiter of who “needs” what type of firearm and who doesn’t, is anathema to freedom-loving, Second-Amendment supporting Americans across the fruited plain — Democrat gun-grabbers be damned.


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