Dem Mega-Donor Feels Betrayed, Goes Nuclear About COVID Vaccination Safety on Live TV


Steve Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur has donated more than $20 million to the Democrat Party. Over $20 million has been donated to the Democrat Party by Steve Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur.

Steve Kirsch – “The most dangerous vaccine ever created by man” – I can’t believe this is on Fox right now!

— Col. Rob Maness ret. 1776 (@RobManess) August 11, 2022

Brian Kilmeade: Steve, when did things start to go south in the Democratic party’s favor?

Steve Kirsch: They broke my trust. I started to see friends die from the vaccines. I began to look at the data. This vaccine is a thousand times more deadly than smallpox and too dangerous to be used by humans.

To me, the most newsworthy thing about this story is not that he said these things. It’s not that he says these things.

Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin senator, is the only member to care for the millions of Americans who have been vaccinated. According to my estimates, there are millions. The members of Congress will then meet with these people. Ron Johnson has however been consistent in bringing the issue to the attention of the American public.

Kirsch, an MIT graduate is described as a serial entrepreneur worth $230 million. His most notable achievement was inventing an optical mouse.

A detailed article by the left-leaning Daily Beast last October argued that Kirsch was incorrectly basing claims on Federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data. The Daily Beast notes that Kirsch has been criticized for his views by friends who have stopped doing business.

Thursday’s update was long from Kirsch’s Fox appearance. Kirsch claimed that he knew all the facts, and had placed a $1,000,000 bet against anyone who would prove him right.

I’m not trying to convince. Kirsch’s bold assertions that vaccine-related injuries cause tens of millions of deaths are outrageous. Experts don’t believe them.

It was an incredible moment to see live on TV. (This was a rare moment to see live on TV).

It was surprising that Kirsch could air his views on a national network, regardless of your opinion. It is coercion.

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