Dem Sen. Insists Biden Not Get Involved With Bipartisan Gun Negotiations


U.S Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, insists that the lawmakers negotiate the deal themselves when asked by CNN’s “State of the Union”, if Biden would help.

After several mass shootings, both Republicans and Democrats have been discussing possible changes in gun laws. This includes the attack on an elementary school in Uvalde in Texas that killed 19 children and their teachers.

Murphy said that the bipartisan negotiations were the most serious he has ever been involved in. He stated, “There are more republicans sitting at the table discussing changing our gun laws, and investing in mental healthcare than at any point since Sandy Hook,” which was when a gunman shot dead 20 children and six adults at an elementary schools in 2012.

Murphy stated that Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is working on the bill. He said that he has spoken about reviewing how juvenile records are accessed by young men between 18 and 21 to ensure those who have had problems with the law in the past are not able to obtain a weapon.

Murphy stated that he was not certain that any gun legislation will be put to a vote in the Senate this week. However, he said that he believed lawmakers should have ideas to present to their peers over the next week.

Murphy stated that, despite the promises of bipartisan gun reforms, he has been involved in many failed negotiations in his past and that he is still “sober-minded” about our chances.


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