Dem Trips Over His Ignorance on Guns in Embarrassing Questioning of Ruger CEO


The Democrats did a dog-and-pony show Tuesday demonstrating how ignorant they are about guns and how little they care about Second Amendment rights for the American people. They also showed how willing they will say anything to promote their anti-gun narrative.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, was seen demonizing gun makers in a bizarre display. She claimed that one man in an ad had a Norse mythology tattoo and that this tattoo was often used by white supremacists. She didn’t care that it was also used by white supremacists for different reasons. She would also ask questions that showed her ignorance, but she’d then cut off gun manufacturers and refuse to answer.

AOC was not the only one to reveal her ignorance about guns.

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL), stepped in big time around the 5:01 mark. He asked Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc. CEO Christopher Killoy whether he would promise to “not sell any weapon that tears through bulletproof vests.”

Killoy’s great answer demonstrates how stupid Democrats are. He replied, “Congressman,” with all due respect. The ability to penetrate body armor usually relates to ammunition, not to the firearm.”

Krishnamoorthi replied, “So you won’t sell that ammunition, will you?”

Killoy was forced to clarify, “Congressman,” that we don’t sell ammunition. We sell firearms in many calibers.

He and the rest deserve credit for being there and having the patience to deal with this silliness and then being polite when confronted by the ignorance of these Democrats and having to educate them.

How silly do you get when you have these Democrats making laws about guns when they don’t even know the first thing about them or even that armor-piercing relates to the ammunition? They all need a refresher class on the Constitution, not to mention some classes about guns so they don’t sound like fools.

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