Democrat Jared Polis’ Christmas Video Manages to Be Cringe, Disturbing, and Possibly Racist

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

What did I just watch? That’s most likely going to be your reaction to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ Christmas video. The level of cringe contained in just a few seconds is hard to quantify, but let’s just say it’s a lot.

The Democrat decided to film himself singing “Feliz Navidad” while mimicking what I’d imagine the worst TikTok moves in existence would look like. 

Perhaps I’m too disconnected from the everyday workings of your average political operation, but I’m fascinated to learn how something like this comes about. Did Polis go to his staff and suggest he dance badly while singing in Spanish? Or did his staff come up with the idea? And regardless of who thought this would be anything other than a terrible idea, why didn’t the other person say no? 

Watching that clip is like watching one of those en media res openings to a movie where everything is going wrong, and the protagonist says, “I bet you are wondering how I got here?” How in the world did Polis end up in that situation? 

I know Colorado has a lot of Spanish-speaking residents, and pandering is the name of the game for left-wing politicians. This weak attempt at pandering looks straight-up racist, though, because Polis comes across like he’s mocking Latinos, both with his singing and his dance moves. Let’s recall that Donald Trump once ate a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo and Democrats still claim it was an act of abject racism.

I’m shaking right now. Okay, not really, but man, that video is one of the most cringe things I’ve ever seen in politics. I know weed is legal in Colorado, but the governor should probably lay off. 

With all that said, Merry Christmas, RedState.


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