Democratic Rep. Maloney Says Biden Not Running For President Again, Thought She Was Off The Record


Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), told The New York Times that President Biden was not running for the White House. She mistakenly believed what she was saying was “off record”. She was in the middle of a lightning round at the Times editorial board when Eleanor Randolph asked her if Biden should run again.

Jyoti Thottam, a member of the editorial board, noted that they were recorded.

Interview subjects may request to be off the record in reporting. This means that their statements will not be published. However, reporters must agree to these terms before the subject requests to be honored. Interview subjects can request to be “off the record” in order for reporters to establish trust with their sources and gain valuable information that they can verify elsewhere. It is generally agreed that both the interview subjects and the interviewer must be open about what’s on the record. However, it’s possible to report what they have to say.

Jennifer Rubin, left-wing Washington Post columnist, made an embarrassing mistake last year. She sent a furious response email to Politico asking for clarifications and labeled it “OFF the RECORD.” Politico published the full answer and noted that it did not have any agreement with Rubin at the time she sent the message. This embarrassment was caused by the columnist who is known for her passionate support for the Biden White House.

Maloney apologized to CNN’s “New Day” camera for believing Biden would not run again after the Times interview was posted on Saturday, but recorded Aug. 1. While she reiterated her belief that he won’t run for another term, she stated that she would support him 100% if he did.

In polls earlier this year, most Democrats opposed Biden’s 2024 run for president. Biden will turn 80 in November. Although his approval rating is still low, the White House has cited recent legislation such as the massive climate and health bill that was passed by Democrats as evidence of his administration’s momentum.

Another point in the Times interview was Maloney’s question to Mara Gay, an editorial board member. She guessed that she was 40 years old, but Gay told her it was 58. Maloney, 76 has been a member of Congress since 1993. However, she is currently fighting for her political career in an unusual member-vs.–member primary with Rep. Jerrold N.Y. After a new map forced them both to compete for New York’s 12th Congressional District.

The Times editorial board, which leans strongly to the left, endorsed Nadler in their primary over Maloney.


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