Democrats Grumble Openly About Biden’s Age


According to reports, President Biden’s future as leader of the Democratic Party is up for discussion.

According to the New York Times, many Democrats are openly discussing the viability and potential success of Biden as a presidential candidate.

According to the newspaper, it interviewed more than 50 members of the Democratic National Committee about Biden’s performance and his role for 2024. The report says that Biden’s leadership abilities are being questioned as the party searches for a new strategy.

The presidency is a very taxing job. And the reality is that the president would be closer 90 to 80 than 80 at the end a second term. That would be a significant issue,” David Axelrod, Democrat strategist, told the paper.

The shadow of the Biden administration continues to be cast by inflation and high gas prices.

According to a new poll, Americans rank inflation second to gun violence in a new poll that was released Wednesday. Biden’s lowest approval rating was reached yet. Democrats were still struggling to get registered voters support for their midterm elections.

“Democrats are like, “What the heck is going on?” Our country is falling apart. Jasmine Crockett (Democratic nominee for key House seat in Dallas) said that she thinks we are lacking in excitement.

Biden’s administration has not done much to help him win over the public. His cabinet has often had to deliver less-than optimistic projections for the country.

Jennifer Granholm, the U.S. Secretary for Energy, predicted that this summer would be “rough” for drivers because of record-high gas prices. They hit a staggering $5 per gallon on Thursday. She laughed off an earlier question about Americans worrying about gas prices.

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