Democrats Reveal the Real Reason for the Fake January 6th Committee


The majority of Americans are worried about gasoline prices at $5 per gallon and the inflation-busting savings that are currently plaguing the economy. Democrats, however, have a single focus: January 6th.

This 17-month-old incident continues to stir the imagination of leftwing partisans and journalists all over the world. They don’t believe that the threat to the country is real (a few hundred rioters didn’t overthrow the government), but rather because they don’t have anything else to do when they head into the mid-term elections in November. Their Hail Mary is January 6. It’s all they have left. Without it, Joe Biden’s disasters both domestically and internationally are unimaginable to the American people.

The New York Times published a piece acknowledging this fact, noting that they are hoping to “recast the mid-term elections”.

Normal people would ask what role the Times claims Republicans played in the attack. Even if you believe that Donald Trump coordinated and was in control of those who entered the Capitol, it does not make them “Republicans” according to the mid-terms. It is Donald Trump.

As has been proven many times, there is no evidence that Trump knew what was coming or helped to plan it. Instead, the committee spends its time trying to make people believe it has connected dots that are only five dots apart. Their chief piece of evidence appears to be an internal memo that Trump surrogates drafted and discussed what was legal in regard to certification of the election.

However, objecting to an election being certified is legal and does not constitute a conspiracy to overthrow the government. How can I find out? Rep. Jamie Raskin (a member of the January 6th committee) objected to the certification of the 2016 elections.

The January 6th committee is full of hypocrites. It is not seeking to discover any important truth. Its existence is not about politics, but delivering Democrats what they want regarding elections. Raskin acknowledged this Monday, as he lobbied for the abolition of the Electoral College.

This is the silent part that’s being spoken out loud. It provides the best evidence yet that January 6th committee has been a partisan sham. The committee is not only trying to eliminate the Electoral College but its members also want to use their “findings” to support the case for the federalization of elections. This goal was set by the Democrats in Biden’s earlier tenure when it failed to win even 50 votes in Senate. They view the establishment of universal mail-in voting, the abolition of voter-ID, and other provisions such as same-day registration, as delivering a permanent Democrat minority.

This is the real purpose of this effort. While it may seem cynical, I am convinced that it won’t work. The American people don’t care what the press says about January 6. They have real problems and aren’t going to indulge in the fantasies of the Washington elite.


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