Democrats Who Don’t Support Biden In 2024 Refuse To Explain Plans For New Leadership In White House


Two Minnesota Democrats said that they would not endorse President Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2024, and sought “new leadership.” However, they refused to elaborate on how they will fight the president’s re-election bid.Rep. Dean Phillips was asked recently at a town hall whether he would support Biden for re-election. He responded bluntly with “no.”

Phillips continued to say that the country would be better served by “a new generation of compelling and well-prepared, energetic Democrats who step up.”

Fox News Digital asked Phillips what he would do, if any to stop Biden becoming the Democratic nominee for 2024’s presidential election.

Phillips spokesperson told Fox News Digital that Phillips “declined further comments” regarding the matter.

Angie Craig, a fellow Minnesotan Rep. was also asked the same question about Biden 2024. She agreed with Phillips that there is a need for a “new generation” of leadership in the Democratic Party.

Craig also stated in her reply: “I’m going do everything I can as a member Congress to ensure that we have an innovative generation of leaders.”

Fox News Digital also reached Craig to get more information about her plans to fight a Biden 2024 election bid.

Craig stated in a statement that “Many Minnesotans are ready to witness a new generation in the Democratic Party’s leadership, and I will make every effort to help those new leaders up the ballot.”

“I am proud of the bipartisan work that we did in Congress and with President Biden, to lower costs for working families and protect women’s reproductive rights, keep our communities safe, as well as to help them get results for Minnesota’s Second District.”

Several Democrat representatives were reluctant to support Biden’s second run for office in recent weeks due to his low approval ratings.

Although the White House stated that Biden intends to run for re-election in 2016, it has yet to announce any 2024 plans.

Both Minnesota legislators are running for re-election in November’s midterms. They are trying to keep their seats, as Democrats face political headwinds to preserve slim congressional majorities.


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