Dems Gloating Over Big Win in Bellwether House Race, but It May Not Be What They Think


Democrats are gloating about a victory in the 19th New York district special election where Pat Ryan, a Democrat, was declared the winner over Marc Molinaro.

This was the way Steve Kornacki of MSNBC described it: a major victory for Democrats and a shift towards a more neutral race.

Democrats declare it a major win in pushing abortion rights and label Republicans extremists. This is in contrast to Republicans who were focused on the economy and crime.

Despite the fact that the district had voted previously for Trump, and the Republicans had a slight edge in this race; they voted in 2020 for Biden and voted in 2020 for the Democrat who was vacating it by 11 points. The result is in line with the previous result.

Ryan is well-known, and he was elected as the executive for Ulster County, the main center of the district’s population. This election was won in a landslide. It is also worth noting, given the Democrats’ shift to the radical left, Ryan ran against the progressive label and said he supported increasing funding for law enforcement as a county administrator. The district probably viewed Ryan as more moderate.

Ryan won the special election to fill the seat but it will only last until January. He is a placeholder. He will be running for the general election in a nearby district. Molinaro will face Josh Riley in the NY-19 general election in November.

Republicans shouldn’t assume the wave will just come to them. They should be able to stand up and refuse to assume any responsibility and fight harder for their cause. Democrats will throw everything at them to win. Republicans must tie every Democrat to Biden, and show how this is taking money out of the pockets of people. Democrats who think this is a sign that they will get a pass on it are wrong. This is always the main point. You can also add that the Democrats are “extremists”. But that must be stressed.

Let’s refute Kornacki using…Kornacki.

Democrats ignore all other signs, such as the generic ballot numbers and GOP winning in Nevada. They also ignore the Florida conservative wins and the historical weight in favor of the GOP.

Democrats make a mistake in this area. We must capitalize on this mistake. Republicans will have the numbers, but it is up to us to get everyone involved and make it happen.


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