DeSantis And Rubio Lead Midterm Races In Florida, Inflation Top Issue To Voters In The State


Republican incumbents governor. According to a new poll, Ron DeSantis is leading the race in Florida’s midterm elections. According to a new AARP poll, DeSantis is only 3 points ahead of Crist, the Democratic front-runner.

DeSantis has 52% support among voters over 50, compared to Crist’s 45%. DeSantis also leads among Hispanic voters in the Sunshine State over 50 by two percentage points.

In a Wednesday press release, Jeff Johnson, the state director of AARP Florida stated that Florida voters 50 years and older are a crucial voting demographic for all candidates in this midterm election.

Johnson reiterated the importance of reaching out to voters over 50 in the state.

Florida residents demand that their leaders address inflation and the rising cost to live. Johnson stated that the message is clear: candidates must pay attention to issues that matter to Floridians over 50 if they want to win.

51% believe the state is headed in the wrong direction while 49% think it is on its right track. Around 76% believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

According to the poll, Republicans lead Democrats by 2 points on the generic congressional ballot, 48%-46%. President Joe Biden was disapproved of by 56% of the state’s voters.

Rubio leads the state’s Senate race with 49% support. Democratic Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) is next with 47% support.

Nearly 20% of Florida voters believe inflation and rising prices are the most pressing issues facing the state. 14% of respondents said that jobs and the economy are their top concerns, while 12% think abortion is the main issue.

Rubio fired shots at Demings recently for her stance regarding abortion. She claimed that she supports it without limits.

Fabrizio Ward & Impact Research carried out the AARP survey between Aug. 24-31 2022 with a margin error of plus/minus 4.4 percentage points.


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