DeSantis Blames Newsom’s Hair Gel For Muddling Brain Function After DOJ Call


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Gov. Gavin Newsom complained that his hair gel was interfering with his brain function after the governor of California requested that the Department of Justice investigate Florida and other states for possible “kidnapping” crimes by flying illegal immigrants to other areas of the country.

DeSantis made these remarks Friday at a Daytona Beach news conference, just one day after Newsom wrote a letter asking Attorney general Merrick Garland to investigate whether DeSantis or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s illegal actions of sending illegal immigrants from their states into destinations like New York City, Washington, D.C. Chicago, or Martha’s Vineyard is illegal.

Fox News Digital reported Wednesday that DeSantis had sent two planes filled with illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, after promising to relocate them to “sanctuary destinations.”

DeSantis said Friday that the Governor of California wrote a letter to Department of Justice stating, “You need to prosecute Texas Governors’ and that Florida Governors’ are needed.”

Newsom claimed in his Sept. 15 letter (to DOJ): “Several individuals transported to Martha’s Vineyard by a recruiter have claimed that he induced them to accept an offer of travel on false pretenses that they would be taken to Boston and given expedited access to work authorization.”


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