DeSantis Isn’t Sweating The Migrant Class Action Lawsuit. Here’s Why


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis exposed the hypocrisy rich liberals by sending 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. DeSantis was thought to be a liar by immigration lawyers and activists who filed a class-action lawsuit against him. According to the lawsuit, the flights were “a premeditated fraudulent and illegal scheme that centered on exploiting [the immigrants] for their own personal, political, and financial interests.”

DeSantis, however, clearly foresaw the hypocritical, radical left’s reaction and revealed Tuesday that the migrants had signed consent forms.

“It is foolish that activists would use illegal migrants for political theatre. DeSantis’ office released a statement saying that even if these activists spent a fraction of their time and effort at border, maybe some accountability would be brought against the Biden Administration for its reckless border policies that enticed illegal immigrants to make dangerous and often fatal journeys through Central America and place their lives in the hands cartels and Coyotes.” “The voluntary transportation of the immigrant to Martha’s Vineyard was carried out. These activists did not care about the homeless, hungry, or abandoned immigrants.

The consent forms each of the migrants had to sign were the real star. Each migrant had to sign the consent forms in English and Spanish.

DeSantis will not be outmatched by limosine liberals, who are hopeless hypocrites regarding illegal immigration.


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