DeSantis Releases Powerful Video of Mother Whose Son Was Killed by Illegal Alien


Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis continues making headlines. He recently shipped 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. The incident caused traumatized island residents and forced them to evacuate their guests within 24 hours.

According to the Washington Examiner, the digital and TV ad DeSantis released Monday highlighted his immigration policies as well as the actions that support them. It is being broadcasted by the Republican Party of Florida. Casey DeSantis’s spouse tweeted a quote of Kiyan Michael, the grieving mom.

Michael is a 60-second long ad that describes her loss of her 21-year-old son Brandon to an illegal immigrant twice removed who she says “shouldn’t have been there”.

“My child was killed by someone who shouldn’t be here. ”

Today’s advertisement tells the story of a mother who lost her son due to illegal immigration.

This is because of open border policies. @RonDeSantisFL fights to ensure FL safety

The most heartbreaking words were, “by someone who shouldn’t have been there.”

Michael also gave praise to DeSantis in the ad.

This is what happens when there are open borders. His compassion and concern for others were inspiring.

He has kept the oath he took to Floridians as Governor.

Governor DeSantis was the greatest leader because he did more than just listen. He took action.

What’s the average campaign ad copy? No. DeSantis, like Greg Abbott, has been courageous in his attempts to seize control of the border from left-wing strongholds.

Will Democrats criticize DeSantis for “exploitation” the child’s passing to score political points? These hypocrites use small children to create a backdrop for their calls to ban firearms from schools following mass shootings. This would only apply to law-abiding gun owners (See: Barack Obama).

DeSantis flew 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts), last Wednesday, as I mentioned above. The Florida governor stated last week that he does not plan to stop the flights.

The legislature gave me $12 million. These sanctuary areas will be able to spend their money this way.

I don’t know if Martha’s Vineyard liberals were able to spend their money wisely, but I do know that they worked at an alarming pace to get rid of 50 illegal aliens from the island paradise.

Conservatives, 2024’s presidential election will be a historic one. Do not mess it up.


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