Desperate Dems Eagerly Clown Themselves for Last Minute Votes, Hilarity Ensues


Next week, Democrats will be voting in the worst case of “Wait until your Father Gets Home!” He’s drunk and pissed that Daddy is returning home.

Democrats are shocked that they can’t win on issues they believe, such as abortion up to fourth grade, rising crime rates, and the right of a 14-year-old boy to trim his penis without his parents being bigoty/bigoted.

Joe Biden appeared on TV to convince us that a nudist with a BLM sign in his window and a flag displaying gay pride is an extremist. Biden thought he could get sympathy votes by blaming Trumpers for the attack.

Dems think calling conservatives “election deniers” will help them win votes. Watch this video of Democrat jackpuddings discrediting the 2016 election results.

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. This resulted in the Trump-Russia collusion lies which led to a $40 million investigation that lasted two years.

The bolshies face huge losses, and the Democrat playbook has failed them. Let’s take a look at the schemes that the libs used and how they worked for them.

“Racist!” It’s fun to shout “Racist!” at anyone who disagrees with you, but it quickly loses all effectiveness.

After laughing at our being called “racists”, the apparatchiks then get into full gear and call us white extremists, Nazis, and domestic terrors. However, there are only so many of them that Democrats could make up a few. They then go full throttle and call us “white extremists”, Nazis, and “domestic terrors”. This was one of the most embarrassing acts in an election.

We are just days away from witnessing the Democrats lose behind the woodshed. There are also some shocking moments.

Publicity wizards at the Democrat National Committee (DNC) have come to believe that there are some undecided voters on TikTok who just need to see Democrats dance like pathetic monkeys of despair. How can you not vote blue when you see your favorite Democrat bumlickees humiliate themselves on a platform where their kids’ friends can witness the public disgrace for all eternity?

Warning! What you are about to witness is really embarrassing and denotes the true desperation of the Democrat party.

This is the first video from Michigan Governor “Stretching” Gretchen Whitmer. It is a reminder that despair can be ugly and Democrats cannot dance.

Why was this woman blurring her crotch and her facial features?

Robert O’Rourke, a gritty-pasty Robert O’Rourke, decided to give TikTok a try.

Wow, that was awful. If that doesn’t bring Beta Beto over the finish line, nothing will.

The Democrats panic when they unleash the Bamster.

The Dems send one black person to Tiktok. He is the only one who cannot dance.

The MSNBC merry-andrew is surely one the most shameful videos of liberal history. It states that a Republican victory could mean that liberals’ children (should they make it through the abortion-slalom process) will be arrested, and then murdered.

If the libs don’t cheat, Republicans will win an election that will end the commie assault. How will the Democrats handle the Election-Day kick to their crotch?

They will name us. It will be hilarious!

Patriots: Get your popcorn and bourbon ready this is going to be fun.


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