Disney Suddenly Adopts a Don’t Say Gay Policy of Its Own to Appease Middle East Censors


Did you know that Florida’s parental rights bill was misnamed by the left? To show how pro-LGBT they are, Disney bravely included a lesbian kiss in “Lightyear.”

They’re not so bold, however. They have decided to delete all LGBT content from their streaming service in Middle Eastern nations. They did this to please the censors.

Bounding into Comics reports on Disney’s decision to remove LGBT content from Disney+. This was after several movies were banned in the Middle East because of their LGBT content.

“Content offerings differ across the many Disney+ countries. This is due to a variety of factors. THR received information from a Disney representative saying that content must comply with local regulations. He added that the platform offers parental controls, so parents can choose what they want to watch.

Disney+ won’t release any Disney+ movies from the past two years to avoid offending foreign viewers. This is a major shift from how Disney handled Ron DeSantis earlier in the year.

Virtue signaling comes with a downside. You will eventually have to prove you are virtuous and make money. Disney will allow LGBT content to travel overseas if it makes sense.

It is clear that Disney’s principles aren’t as strong as their Marvel Phase 4 lineup.

Due to its political activism regarding the parental rights bill, the same Disney was unable to keep its Florida special tax status. The bill does not prohibit the use of the word “gay”, but it does prohibit Florida schools from teaching LGBT curricula to children between Kindergarten and third grade.

Disney’s sudden silence on LGBT censorship overseas is evidence that they and many other corporations lack the courage and will to lead when the bottom line is at stake.


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