Disney World Descends Into Chaos When 2 Families Brawl


Two families waiting in line at Disney World on Wednesday were involved in a dispute. The dispute quickly escalated into an all-out brawl.

Somewhere in Fantasyland between Cinderella’s Castle and Peter Pan’s Flight, the warring families traded punches and profanity, as onlookers screamed in the background. The fracas continued at the Orlando, Florida theme park for several minutes before park personnel and deputies broke it up.

“We came upon it, and it appeared as though it took about two minutes for two security personnel to arrive. Deputies arrived probably about five minutes after that,” an eyewitness stated.

According to the Daily Mail’s reporting, the incident began when a female Disney guest waiting to get into Mickey’s PhilharMagic realized she had left her phone on her electric conveyance vehicle and left the line to get it, while her family remained. When she returned, another family tried to block her from rejoining the line. Her family then reportedly waited outside the theater and confronted the other group.

According to one of the siblings, the other family was told by one of them that they didn’t appreciate their younger sister being pushed around.

The argument quickly escalated into a shouting match and then into a physical fight, which led to the involvement of security personnel and law enforcement.

The Daily Mail reported one man was admitted to the hospital for a facial injury. Others were treated for minor injuries and bruises.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the patient was at the hospital and said that three people had been arrested for misdemeanor battery.

Videos of the incident began popping up on social media but were later taken down. Footage of the brawl can still be found on the Walt Disney World News Today blog.

This is hardly the first fight at the Disney park this year. In May, deputies said that a woman reportedly suffered bleeding on her brain after hitting her head on the ground during a fight she and her husband had with other park visitors as they tried to situate themselves before a fireworks show.


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