DNC Reschedules Fundraiser With Kamala Harris For Lack Of Ticket Sales


Due to low ticket sales, the Democrat National Committee (DNC), had to reschedule its Woman’s Leadership Forum fundraiser with Vice President Kamala Harir on May 25 and 26, according reports.

Status Coup News reported that the event was rescheduled for the autumn after it couldn’t sell enough tickets. “The invites were sent on May 5 and it was hyped up as an amazing opportunity to meet in person after two years’ worth of virtual events.”

According to the report, ticket prices range from $250 to $50,000.

DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel claims Kamala Harris is a big draw for events, but does not provide a reason as to why the event was rescheduled.

Harris’s polling results are terrible. Harris’s polling results are worse than those of President Joe Biden. Only 28% approve of Harris and 62% disapprove. Biden’s approval rating, however, is only 33 percent. 56 percent of those who disapprove are disapproving.

Harris’s polling numbers may be due to the fact that Harris has failed the southern border. Biden assigned her this responsibility in March 2021.

Harris also has made many mistakes in the media. Harris’ communication errors include the June interview she gave to NBC News about her decision not to travel to the border. This may have given her some insight into the best ways to stop the invasion. Harris replied that she hadn’t yet been to Europe.

Lester Holt asked, “You haven’t been to the frontier?”

Harris laughed and said, “And I haven’t been to Europe.” Harris laughed. “I don’t discount the importance of the border.”

The vice president spoke in March about the “significance” of time passing during a speech she gave in Sunset, Louisiana. In 32 seconds, she mentioned “significance” of the passage four times.


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