Donald Trump Calls For Congressional Investigation Into Anti-American Political Censorship


Donald Trump, a former President, called for Congress to investigate America’s “anti-American” practice in censorship that is rampant across American corporations and large tech platforms.

Trump made these remarks at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, which took place in Tampa, Florida on Saturday. Trump stated:

However, I will talk about the next crucial fight that we need to win the fight to restore freedom of speech in America. A democracy without free speech is not a democracy. Free speech is no longer available. We have cancelled culture.

He also criticized corporate media for their biased coverage of political issues as well as being “partners with the Democrats”.

They will report positive news about the other party if they can. If it’s negative, they’ll make it better. In the election, they didn’t report any negative news about the opposing side. It is a shame. Media has occupied a space in history and culture that no one thought possible. They are not respected anymore.

Trump said that America would become “Venezuela with steroids” if it continues to increase its censorship.

“If there is a way to silence debate, then dissent can also be stopped. If conservative ideas are systematically blocked, then we don’t have a free country. This is what happened to communism and other countries. This is what happened to Venezuela.

Trump stated that the “next congress” and the “next president” have a civic responsibility to pursue.


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