Donald Trump Calls For Drug Dealers And Human Traffickers To Get Death Penalty


At a Save America rally in Las Vegas on Friday night, Donald Trump, former President, called for drug dealers, human traffickers and police officers to be executed.

Trump stated:

This is quite controversial. And I will get either a standing ovation (and I don’t care if the ovation is given, I care about my country) or people walking out of the room because I said what I was about to say. It’s now that it is time to say it. Look at all the countries around the globe. The only ones without a drug problem is those who have the death penalty for drug dealers. They are the only ones that don’t have any problem.

Trump added that police officers who are killed or trafficked in human beings should be executed.

Trump’s remarks about drug dealers getting the death penalty align with reports that he supported it during his presidency in 2018.

Jonathan Swan, Axios’ Jonathan Swan, reported in February 2018 that Trump secretly supported the policy. Trump publicly supported the policy just one month later.

Trump campaigned in Las Vegas Friday night for Adam Laxalt (candidate for U.S. Senate) and Sheriff Joe Lombardo (candidate for governor). Trump will speak in Alaska Saturday to support Sarah Palin’s U.S. House candidate and Kelly Tshibaka’s U.S. Senate run.


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