Doocy Nails Jake Sullivan on Report of Biden Flipping Out Over Bad Polls, His Answer Makes Things Worse

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As I wrote on Monday, there’s a new report that Joe Biden is angry and upset over his reelection changes and how badly he’s doing in the polls compared to former President Donald Trump. The word was that he was “seething” at a private meeting when he found out how his numbers had dropped in Michigan and Georgia over his handling of the Israeli-Hamas war, that he began to “shout and swear” according to a lawmaker familiar with the meeting. 

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Fox’s Peter Doocy followed up on it and grilled National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the report. 

“When he does that, is he shouting and swearing about Netanyahu or about Hamas or about his poll numbers?” Doocy asked. 

That’s when Sullivan’s response made things worse, “This is the ‘when did you stop beating your spouse question,’ because I don’t think he ever did that.”  

Well, no, but how interesting that that’s how you respond, do you have more to say there, Jake? What a weird analogy to pull out there. 

Doocy questioned how he was casting it, “Excuse me?” 

Sullivan said, “Well, you used that as the premise of your question, which is ‘when he does that,’ he… I’ve never seen him do that, shout or swear in response to that, so from my perspective, that particular report is not correct.” 

Yet, we’ve all seen Biden shouting and losing it. We even saw him getting mad and referring to Peter Doocy as a “son of a bitch.”

We saw he even had no problem shouting and swearing at a voter, just about three years ago. And he’s completely wrong on everything he says about guns. He even sticks his finger in the guy’s face, threatens to take him outside, and calls him a horse’s ass. 

This worker was a hero to stand in there against Biden’s meltdown. So it’s not hard to believe at all and one has to think Sullivan is trying to fade us here. 

If it’s a choice of believing the evidence of our own eyes and ears experience of Joe Biden versus what Sullivan wants us to believe, I think I’ll believe the evidence of our own eyes and ears. 

Also if we applied the standards that the left/liberal media applied to former President Donald Trump’s “bloodbath” comment, we would now be asking if was Biden beating his wife, as Gov. Mike Huckabee observed. 


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