Elderly Woman Shot in the Back While Canvassing Against Abortion Proposal


It is still unclear what the facts of a shooting in Michigan were. An elderly woman was allegedly shot in her back while she canvassed for pro-life votes against an abortion ballot proposal.

The pro-life group released a Saturday press statement stating that the victim claimed she was shot in the back/shoulder after leaving a residence following a heated discussion. In a Saturday press release, the pro-life group stated that the victim claimed she was shot in the back/shoulder as she left a residence after a heated conversation. [….]

According to the Michigan Right to Life press release, the victim does not know the motive of her shooter.

Fox News Digital received information Saturday from the Michigan State Police about the death of an elderly woman who was handing out pamphlets.

The victim was shot in the shoulder and drove to Lake Odessa Police Department.

Police are currently investigating.

The raid came on top of Democrats’ anger over abortion after the Dobbs ruling, and the White House’s labeling Republicans as extremists and Republicans as Republicans. The author was accused of pushing for pro-abortion protesters.

How could a slimy worm do such a horrible thing to an elderly woman’s back? It was the result of heated conversations.

The Biden Administration has not issued a strong condemnation of violence against churches or pro-life centers.


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