Elizabeth Warren Blasts GOP’s Political Gamemanship


Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren denies reports that Democrats will forgo coronavirus screening to ensure that as many senators as possible can vote Saturday for the party’s taxation bill.

Warren replied, “No. The Republicans who don’t wear masks.

Warren’s comments come amid whispers that Democrats may have relaxed coronavirus testing in order to ensure that all senators could vote on the Inflation Reduction Act. This was part of the marathon voting schedule that was scheduled for Saturday night.

These reports were criticized by Republicans via social networking, including Congressman Thomas Massie.

Saturday night saw the Democrats’ taxation bill and their social spending bill pass. The floor debate was followed by a marathon vote before the final vote on the legislation. This vote is expected to occur sometime Sunday.

With Kamala Harris, Vice President breaking a tie, the total vote was 51-50.

Harris wasn’t expected to be needed, as many Republicans were absent and didn’t vote on Saturday. All GOP members returned to the town after Saturday’s election.


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