Elon Musk Claps Back At MSNBC After Anchor Slams Him Over Hunter Biden Meme


After Stephanie Ruhle asked Elon Musk about Hunter Biden, Ruhle fired back on Twitter at the Tesla founder.

Musk shared a meme showing a man strapped with multiple cameras across his helmet. It included the caption, “Hunter Biden everytime he buys crack or hookers.” The comment was then added by the richest man on earth.

He wrote, “A+ for cinematography.”

Ruhle replied to the meme, suggesting Musk wasn’t putting his enormous influence to the best use.

Imagine the positive impact that you could make on the world if your extraordinary influence and power was used to spread kindness, decency and positivity. Ruhle replied.

Musk laughed and said, “Imagine if MSNBC did this.”

Musk’s first tweet likely refers to a leaked video showing the president’s son taking out drugs and conversing with a prostitute. The Secret Service confirmed this week that it was aware of Biden’s apparent hack of his iCloud.

Musk recently got into a few Twitter spats, offering his snarky opinions on popular topics.

After a President Biden teleprompter gaffe, in which he read out the speaker notes instructing him to repeat a line and telling him where the quote ends, Musk intervened.

“Whoever controls teleprompter, is the real President!” I added an image from “Anchorman”, in which Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy uses the prompter to read everything during live reports.

Musk, D-N.Y., trolled Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez at the end of May after he asked his followers to respond to a poll about whether they trusted billionaires more than politicians.

Musk tweeted his comments on the poll and said, “. @AOC I challenge you to conduct the same poll with all your followers.

Musk had declared a week earlier that he would vote Republican in the next election, drawing outrage from Twitter liberals.

“In the past, I voted Democrat because they were (mostly), the kindness party. Musk tweeted that they are now the party of division and hate. “Now, see their dirty tricks campaign against moi …”

Twitter’s obsession with Twitter trolling reached fever pitch when Musk announced that he wanted the company to be purchased. Musk pulled out of the deal citing transparency concerns after many discussions with the board. Twitter is now suing Musk in an attempt to force him to accept his offer.


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