Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Violated The Hatch Act


The U.S. Office of Special Counsel determined that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm had broken the Hatch Act. Granholm was interviewed by President Joe Biden as an official member in his cabinet.

The OSC has responded to an ethics complaint received from Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust since October 2013.

Granholm made some political comments in an interview with Emily Tisch Sussman, Marie Claire Instagram Live. Granholm was acting as the “Energy Secretary”. Granholm was subsequently appointed Energy Secretary and became politically active when she spoke out on the importance of electing more Democrats to pass Biden’s legislative agenda.

Hatch Act prohibits president appointees, executive branch employees with Senate approval from using official authority and influence to change the outcome of an election.

The OSC found Granholm to have violated Hatch Act. Granholm was asked by the OSC how she could be involved at this time to ensure these things are passed.

The OSC informed Granholm that the case was closed. Granholm was however warned by the OSC that if Granholm violates again the Hatch, it will be willfully and knowingly violating law and that further action may be required.

The OSC learned that Granholm hadn’t received any training regarding the Hatch Act. Claire interviewed her and she was able to receive the required training.

Kendra Arnold, Executive Director at FACT, stated that the “Hatch Act” was a vital law that maintains separation between government and politics. This law protects taxpayer dollars and citizens’ trust in the government.

The OSC found Granholm to have violated Hatch Act. She stated that she was satisfied that the OSC had thoroughly investigated the case and found a clear violation. “


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