ESPN Host Had an Interesting Take on the ‘Jail Trump Now’ Crowd

Maansi Srivastava/The New York Times via AP, Pool

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith isn’t a conservative or a Trump fan. However, he is friends with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. His beat isn’t politics, but the First Take co-host has dabbled in some political commentaries. While he will support Joe Biden in 2024, he has lobbed some biting criticism at the president and his supporters. 

Recently, Smith called out the ‘Jail Trump now’ crowd, hoping that one or all the legal issues facing the former president would land him in jail. The ESPN host said that all the jubilation and antics over these cases only show that the Left fears the former president. They can’t beat him on the issues—that’s all this proves to him. 

The ‘hush money’ trial in Manhattan is already a shambles. Jury selection was a fiasco, with real doubt about anyone’s impartiality. Two jurors were already dismissed. The case is the weakest facing Trump, but so was the civil fraud suit. Look at how that turned out. 

In March, Smith said that Biden’s State of the Union address was a trainwreck, saying that if anyone felt the president dispelled questions about his mental functions, “you smoking crack.”

Even liberal sports journalists can see through the circus here concerning the Trump legal drama, and my guess is most Americans will be able to do the same.


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