Establishment Media Air Grievances Against Joe Biden On July Fourth Weekend


This week, the establishment media voiced their disapprovals of President Joe Biden. It was a reminder of his failure leadership on many issues during his tenure.

Biden’s poll numbers fell to 31 percent approval on Saturday, indicating that Democrats are “growing doubts” about Biden’s candidacy for the presidency in 2024.

Playbook, quoting from an Atlantic article, wrote that “Whether the issue is abortion rights or court reform, voting right, or the DOJ investigation into DONALD TRUMP’s attempts to overturn 2020 election,”

Ronald Brownstein wrote the Atlantic article criticizing Biden for failing to respond to Roe v. Wade’s ruling by a harsher, faster backlash. Although it is not clear what Biden can do to stop the Court’s ruling, Congress could take action. However, the media suggest that there are other options.

A variety of disillusioned Democrats complained this week that Biden and other administration officials failed to respond to the needs and agony of supporters of abortion-rights. Biden swiftly condemned the Court’s decision, but he avoided any wider condemnation and rejected suggestions for its restructuring. Biden’s aides stressed that the executive branch cannot do much to reduce the effect of the ruling.

These complaints echo the frustrations of voting-rights advocates last year when Biden was slow in resisting the broad red-state push for laws making it harder to vote. They also recall the frustration of legal analysts who questioned the Justice Department’s speedy investigation into former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 elections. Biden eventually supported a filibuster exemption for voting rights. The House hearings on January 6 may be able to galvanize the Justice Department’s investigation.

Many Democrats feel that Biden and his team are following the leader, not leading, on many issues, including abortion. This tendency is a sign of a lingering question about Biden. He was first elected to Senate in 1972. His experience was influenced by Washington’s more cooperative and clubbier side. Can he lead his party to the inspiration it needs to combat the aggressive moves of Republicans in Congress and the states together with their appointees to the Supreme Court to reverse long-held civil liberties and even threaten democracy?

According to polling, Biden is losing support from his party. Civiqs June polling shows that only 69 percent of Democrat voters support Biden. The country’s current track is 85%, which is up 36% from January 2021 when Biden was elected.

Biden’s doubts about his future political viability are said to have touched a nerve with President Obama. According to The Times, Biden was “irritated” by the “lackof respect from their party” and “the press,” while complaining about the lack “signs loyalty,” which are “rare and far between.”

It is not clear who would replace Biden if he did step down in 2024, as some media reports suggest. It seems that there is no consensus about who could defeat Donald Trump’s third run. The Times even warned Biden about his “ability to fight the fight to former President Donald J. Trump.”

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