Exclusive — Donald Trump: ‘Migrant Crime’ Is New Category of Crime in America Thanks to Joe Biden, Democrats

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PALM BEACH, Florida — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively last week that he sees a new category of crime emerging in the United States because of President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats’ policies: “Migrant crime.”

“We have a new form of crime in the United States—it’s called ‘migrant crime,’” Trump told Breitbart News in a 90-minute exclusive interview at Mar-a-Lago last Wednesday. “Now, it would be called and normally I would call it ‘Biden migrant crime,’ but that’s too long and too crazy. But everyone knows we have a new category in crime. So we have crime, and we have migrant crime. It’s vicious and it’s horrible and these people are very tough. Everyone talks about the migrants coming to America; many of these people are real bad people. Many of them are sick. Many of them are mentally ill.”

Trump has made focusing on the plight of “Angel Families,” like the family of murdered 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, a key facet of his campaign to return to the White House. Sadly, Riley is hardly the only instance of Americans being killed by migrants in the country unlawfully and people who would not be otherwise hurt if the government enforced American immigration laws.

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Trump’s campaign, as Breitbart News reported exclusively before his and Biden’s rivaling border trips a few weeks ago, released a brutal video highlighting many of the crimes, including rapes and murders, that migrants Biden let into the country have committed. Trump also, at his recent Georgia rally immediately after becoming the last remaining GOP presidential candidate and right before he locked up a majority of the delegates to the Republican National Convention this year, met with Riley’s parents. He also intends to do more events and meetings throughout the year with Angel Families.

Trump told Breitbart News that a big part of what’s going wrong in Biden’s America is that many of the migrants that Biden is letting into the country are bad criminals from Central American countries. He noted that crime is actually down in Venezuela, which he says is because Venezuela sent its criminals here to the United States.

“The amazing thing about the border to me is I used to think, ‘Who wants an open border where the world is coming into your country?’” Trump said. “It makes sense—I don’t know if you saw that it’s 61 percent down in crime in Venezuela. So Venezuela, all their gangs are not even just coming up. They’re being bussed right to our border and they’re being forced in at gunpoint. We’ve got these Venezuelan gangs, who are very tough gangs—they make our gangs look like very nice people—they’re now migrants. I’ve watched cops get roughed up over the years and watched them get shot in cars, but what I’ve never watched is cops having fistfights in the middle of the street. They’re duking it out. They’re literally fighting these kids. I’ve never seen that before. In their country, they’d be dead immediately if that ever happened.”

He also said that the crush of migrants into the country is severely hurting big cities like his previous home, New York City.

“What’s amazing to me is I’ve always heard how New York and all these other places don’t have any money, but all of a sudden they’re getting billions and billions of dollars to take care of this problem,” Trump said. “They have, I guess, 500,000 migrants in New York right? By the way, these are some tough people.”


  1. Let’s see, squatters rights, now they can own guns in Chicago, commit murder and other crimes, get let out of jail, then calmly move to another ‘sanctuary’ city or state and do it all again. Those were just off the top of my head. Now these ‘sanctuary’ cities and states want them to be counted as people to grow their district numbers, and some cities are going to let them vote us into fourth world countries. I would have said third world, but this is where they came from, and they were in jail. We don’t think laws work in these cities and the deaths of a few citizens are just a few broken eggs for their omelet. When are these demonrat people realize their leaders care only for power. I say shut off their power and get real Americans in office instead of socialists. Still not convinced, stop complaining and realize, you get what you vote for.


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