Exclusive: Marsha Blackburn Ramps up Fight Against Joe Biden’s Request for More Gaza Aid


Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Wednesday will step up her fight against President Joe Biden’s request for more American taxpayer aid to Gaza, which she argues will benefit Hamas, Breitbart News has learned.

“The United States is once again poised to enable terrorism against our greatest ally in the Middle East with up to $9 billion in alleged humanitarian aid,” a statement from Blackburn’s office set to be released Wednesday says.

According to the statement, Biden has already sent the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) around $1 billion despite knowing there would be a high risk of Hamas benefitting.

“UNRWA officials aren’t just complicit — they are active participants in Hamas’ terror, courtesy of the American taxpayer. There is incontrovertible proof that UNRWA officials have played a key role in breeding the next generation of Hamas extremists,” the statement asserts.

Biden is seeking $105 billion in Ukraine and Israel funding, with $9 billion to go towards “humanitarian aid,” including for the Gaza Strip.

Blackburn introduced legislation on October 17 that would halt all funding for the UNRWA.

“It is clear that U.S. aid intended for the Palestinian people has repeatedly ended up in the hands of terrorists,” Blackburn said at the time. “UNRWA teachers and educational materials call for the murder of Jews, and the Biden administration should immediately halt all funding for the agency. The U.S. government should not be funding terrorists.”

According to Blackburn, Hamas terrorists have benefited from U.S. aid in documented cases since at least 2009, which include Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip stealing 24,000 liters of fuel and medical supplies meant for refugees last week; Hamas terrorists using United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) first aid kits during the October 7 attack in Israel; Hamas raiding 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza in October 2009; and Hamas stealing food and other supplies from the UNRWA in early 2009.

Furthermore, Blackburn argues that the UNRWA is a pro-Hamas organization, pointing to UNRWA officials — such as pediatrician Bashir Khamis Ghannam — celebrating the October 7 terrorist attackers as “martyrs of the Islamic and Arab nation,” as well as educational materials at UNRWA schools calling for the murder of Jews and glorifying terrorism and antisemitism.

Blackburn says the Biden administration knows Hamas will steal from the UNRWA, citing a statement from Biden.

“If Hamas diverts or steals the assistance, it will have demonstrated once again that they have no concern for the welfare of the Palestinian people in the end,” Biden said on October 18.

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