Exclusive — Trump Lawyer Alina Habba: NY Case Is ‘Sideshow’ for Letitia James’s Politics


Former President Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case regarding the valuation of his assets is nothing more than a “sideshow” for New York Attorney General Letitia James’s politics, Trump lawyer and spokeswoman Alina Habba said during a Tuesday appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

“You know, these people are trying to take away one of the most epic companies and iconic companies in New York. And they think this is just, you know, politics, a show, and it’s not. It’s a disgrace what they’re doing,” she said, noting that she wished Monday’s event had been televised so the “world would really understand what we’re up against here.”

“They don’t love his politics so they come after him,” she said, further highlighting how unfair the case is in that it was decided on summary judgment “before we even walked in the court.”

“That tells you how ridiculous this is — before he even heard a witness,” she said, explaining that the judge essentially determined Trump to be guilty “before we had a trial.”

“The judge isn’t interested in common sense. Letitia James is not interested in the real story. This is a sideshow for her politics,” Habba said. “That’s it. She ran on getting Trump. That’s what we’re dealing with.”

Habba reemphasized that she believes “politics” is motivating James and went on to defend Trump and his supporters, explaining that they are seeking “reform.”

“There’s incredible hate in this country that has permeated, and they’d like to blame Trump, but they’re educating our children much like third world countries and indoctrinating our children. And when you start at that age, what do you expect? You’ve got this … group of people that are outraged on campuses, hurting other people. That’s not the way America is. That’s third world stuff. And I think that the Trump supporters actually tend to be some of the most constitutionally sound people and supporters of tolerance, but not tolerance for attacks on someone who doesn’t deserve it,” she said.

“You know, just because we’re not wimps doesn’t make us revengeful or vengeful, we’re not that person. That’s not how I would describe the MAGA world. You know, they’re country [loving], American-loving, God-loving and sometimes gun-loving people, but they most certainly love this country. And I think that the left-wing, radical left-wing people in this country right now don’t,” she continued, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to represent Trump and give him a voice when so many are trying to silence him.

“I think that the media, as he says, has been one of our biggest impediments, but also one of our biggest tools. And even though the media is not necessarily covering everything the right way — you guys did a great job, obviously, with your article and that was helpful and really exposed things — but a lot of the media doesn’t want to do that because they’re afraid. And if the media can’t be honest, who can?” she asked.

“So at least I get to have that voice for him when he can’t,” Habba added.

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