Eyewitness Says Johnny Depp Was Afraid of Amber Heard


This week’s Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial for defamation is over. Dramatic testimony was given by Morgan Night, an eyewitness and owner of the Hicksville Trailer Palace, where Depp, Heard, and others vacationed. Heard testified that Depp had abused her at the trailer park and “wrecked a trailer” in her attack.

Heard said that Heard seemed to have turned all his rage on the trailer. He started smashing things. He grabbed something from the table and threw the item into the cabinet. He grabbed a wall sconce with his hand and cleared the tabletop of the small pull-down tabletop. Heard described the horrific incident that resulted in a trailer being destroyed. We had to call the manager because Johnny had destroyed the trailer. He had a black mesh tank or shirt, and then he entered the trailer.

Heard might not have expected the manager to counter that testimony. But he did. Night took the stand, and he destroyed Heard’s story.

“I was talking with Mr. Depp one-on-one about Hicksville when Miss Heard came by and said, “I want to speak to you” and seemed very upset about something.

Night said that Depp started shouting at him and she didn’t want me to hear it as it was too triggering. Night said that Depp became quieter and reserved throughout the night after he had been in a cheerful, outgoing mood.

“The innkeepers informed me that there was damage to one of the trailers.” Night checked Depp’s trailer and found one broken light for $62. “I noticed that a light fixture near the bedroom had been damaged.” Night was not able to explain the incident due to objections by Heard’s legal team. However, he was able to say that lights are broken all the time. Night said that everything else was fine, refuting Heard’s testimony that the trailer had been “wrecked”. Night also didn’t charge the cleaning fee for guests who were messy. Depp was billed for the replacement of the sconce a few weeks later.

Night also said that he would never wear a mesh shirt, as Heard claimed. He also stated that he didn’t see Depp become violent with anyone that night. Night had tweeted earlier in the trial that Heard’s testimony regarding Hicksville was false. He claimed she was “acting all jealousy and crazy.”


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