Family Of Jan. 6 Defendant Sad, But Relieved Over Four Year Sentence


Timothy Hale Cusanelli’s family is relieved that he was sentenced to four years in prison, three more than the time sought by the government.

Cusanelli was 32-year-old Army reservist. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment, with time already served. Cusanelli, 32, was not convicted of any violence against Capitol police officers. However, his radical views and previous provocative statements made him a noteworthy case. Cynthia Hughes, his closest relative, had previously refused to talk to any media but made exceptions to speak with the Washington Examiner.

Hughes was joined by several members of the Patriot Freedom Project, her non-profit group that provides financial and legal support to January 6 defendants as well as their families. Ashli Babbitt’s mother was among them, and she was also killed in the Capitol riot.

Hughes, Cusanelli’s aunt, described herself to be “the one constant through Tim’s entire life”, starting literally with his birth. Cusanelli lived with Hughes many times in his entire life and relied on Hughes for support. Hughes was described by a lawyer as the “closest thing to a mother” in courtroom conversations. She was the only member of her family to be present.

Hughes believes Cusanelli’s mental and family problems are responsible for most of Cusanelli’s behavior. Police discovered a photograph on Cusanelli’s phone that showed him with a mustache, and a haircut similar to Adolf Hitler. Cusanelli also made offensive remarks or jokes about women, Jews and minorities in several instances that were documented by his former colleagues. In his Thursday statement, Cusanelli admitted that he had said “ugly” and “childish things” which he believed many would find “repugnant.”

The judge was particularly critical of a statement he made to a female officer on January 6. He said, in his ruling, “F***y, the revolution will televised, ***.”.” He said that his “animus” towards minorities was a motivator in his actions toward Jews on January 6.

Hughes was asked if she believed Cusanelli to be an extremist.

Hughes denied that Cusanelli was a racist or white supremacist. Hughes pointed out that he is half Puerto Rican, and half Jewish.

She admits, however, that his inflamatory statements cannot be reduced to shock humor.

Cusanelli will be required to serve three more years in prison on supervised release. He also has to pay a $2,000 penalty. Although Judge McFadden was clear in his condemnation of the defendant’s actions, statements and past statements, he concluded his sentence by encouraging Cusanelli, saying that he is clearly intelligent and will still be a young person at 34 when he comes out of prison. McFadden stated that he doesn’t believe the defendant is not redeemable.


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