Fauci And Wife’s Net Worth Increased By $5M During The Pandemic, Analysis Finds


While many Americans and companies were affected by the pandemic and suffered financial loss, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci and His Spouse saw a $5million increase in their net worth.OpenTheBooks, an independent watchdog, found that the Faucis’ net wealth increased from $7.5million in 2019, to $12.6million by the end of 2021. Fox News Digital shared this information with them. It was due to investments, royalties and awards.

Andrzejewski said that Dr. Fauci was controversial but that the system has given him a handsome payoff. His first year golden parachut retirement pension was the most important in federal history. He also accepts $1 million prizes from international charities.

OpenTheBooks used Fauci’s financial disclosure documents for the calculations. Their investment gains reached $900,000. In 2021. Their portfolios saw an almost $800,000.0 increase in 2020.

Fauci’s funds included a mixture of retirement and trust accounts. Fauci also invested in mutual funds with no stock holdings. Christine Grady contributed $2.4 million to Fauci’s investments.

Fauci was also given lucrative awards by non-profits. He received $1 million in 2021 from Dan David Foundation for speaking truth and “defending science during Trump’s presidency”.

Between 2020-2021, Fauci’s annual salary grew by $20,000. Fauci was the highest-paid federal worker and still took home more than President Biden’s $456,028.

Fauci’s wife, National Institutes of Health Chief Bioethicist, earned $238,970 for 2021. This is a slight increase from the previous year. She has also received $1.6million in compensation since 2015.

Additional disclosures revealed that Fauci was paid $100,000 to fulfill his editor duties for “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” in 2021.

Fox News Digital contacted the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to provide comment. They did not respond.

Fauci will be retiring in December. He plans to continue his work. His family’s net worth increased as Americans struggled and small businesses failed during the pandemic.

Fauci admitted last week that he knew the “draconian pandemics” would have “collateral adverse consequences for the economy and the schoolchildren.”

He explained that sometimes, when you commit draconian acts it can have negative collateral consequences, just like when you temporarily close down a business. You should be aware that it has deleterious consequences for the economy as well as the schoolchildren. ”

Fauci stated that he was aware and open to the possibility of dangers. He added: “But you have to make a compromise when dealing with — we know the only way to prevent something from getting worse, is to shut it off.” 


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