Fauci’s Parting Shot, A $3.3 Million Grant to Peter Daszak and Ecohealth Alliance to Study Bat Corona Viruses


Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases just awarded EcoHealth Alliance a $3.3 grant. Dr. Peter Daszak, a British zoologist, will use the funds to study bat coronaviruses from Southeast Asia. The grant will expire on August 31, 2027, or when the human race is extinct. The contract is valid for five years and $650,000 covers the first one. The total cost of the contract will amount to approximately $3.3 million.

This will be familiar to those who have just come out of a long-term, medically-induced coma or a lengthy drug and alcohol-fuelled rampage. The Wuhan virus or COVID-19 was discovered by Daszak’s team, who were working with NIAID funding at China’s Communist Institute of Virology. No one is claiming that Dasak’s team developed the virus, or that the Wuhan Institute of Virology published it as part of a field trial on “gain of functionality” research. However, you can be forgiven for connecting all the dots and reaching that conclusion.

EcoHealth Alliance’s problems have been well-documented. Nine US Senators wrote to Samantha Power, USAID director, asking her to stop funding EcoHealth Alliance’s grant application a week prior to the announcement.

It is outrageous. Any research group, especially one that appears to have ties with the Chinese government through their military lab complexes via their military lab complexes and military laboratories, should not be granted any money. EcoHealth’s history of transparency, if any, is a clear indicator of this. It rewards bad actors and encourages others to do the same. EcoHealth’s role in the creation of COVID-19, and subsequent pandemic should be grounds for debarring them from any US government grants.

This award has an additional aspect that should be considered. NIAID has long favored Daszak as a grantee. It is easy to see how the two could have a personal relationship, given Fauci’s 40-year tenure at the top of the organization. Fauci announced that he will be leaving federal service in December. Fauci would give EcoHealth a grant, which will likely be canceled, given the nature of EcoHealth Alliance and Daszak’s lightning rod.

Fauci and Senator Paul argue over Fauci’s misrepresentations of “gain-of-function” research to understand the “lightning rod” comment.

Some claim that Fauci is giving Duszak money to keep him quiet. It’s a bureaucratic version of the Parable of the Unjuststeward, to encourage Duszak not to speak his mind. This grant will be canceled if Fauci leaves. The new guy won’t want to fight with the Senate and House on Day One. So I’m going to take this as Fauci flipping Senator Paul on his way out.

You are being flipped off, Senator Paul. All of the collateral damage to the ever-expanding power grab by the bureaucracy is just collateral damage. Common decency would demand that those most closely tied to panic should not be given future grants or contracts. This was a lot to ask.


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