Finally: Hard-Hitting ‘Journalists’ Solve Burning Mystery of the Identity of Tim Scott’s Girlfriend


Next to the pressing issue of 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis often wearing cowboy boots and whether or not the Florida governor’s footwear contains “lifts,” another burning issue the mainstream media have been busy looking into in recent weeks is the identity of Sen. Tim Scott‘s (R-S.C.) girlfriend.

Scott, who is also a contender for the Republican nomination, has for months now been questioned on his purported single-man status after reports that claimed some GOP megadonors were allegedly nervous about him because he wasn’t married, which in their view could make it more challenging for him to appeal to family-oriented “faith/values voters” on the right.

Though Scott revealed back in May that he did have a significant other in his life, he was mum on the details which is kinda understandable considering a) it’s his private business and b) the mud that gets thrown in a candidate’s direction on any given day.

On Wednesday night after the third GOP presidential debate, however, the mystery woman appeared on stage next to Scott where they posed for pictures and held hands, which sent media-sanctioned dirt diggers scrambling to find out who she was:

Politico, which also brought you the story of the “expert shoemakers” who analyzed DeSantis’ boots, was on the case and found out who she was:

A campaign official would only confirm that the woman on stage was indeed Scott’s girlfriend and her name is “Mindy.” Online sleuthing points to the person as being Mindy Noce, a Charleston-area interior designer and mother of three.
After the debate, Scott, a 58-year old bachelor, confirmed that he had brought his girlfriend to the event, telling reporters that the two have been dating “about a year.”

Scott was even questioned about Ms. Noce at the end of a post-debate interview he did with ABC News. Note how one of the last comments he made was to (correctly) point out that the American people were far more interested in what was going on with their own families than worried about his:

Asked about it by ABC News, Scott said they have dated for about a year and she was at his campaign launch event in May. But then he turned the conversation back to his presidential run.
“The good news is we continue to have a healthy relationship,” he said. “And I’ll tell you, we have a lot of fun together. Hopefully, as life continues we’ll continue to see our relationship evolve. But more importantly, I think the American people are more interested in their families than in my relationship.”


I’m so glad we’ve finally gotten this out of the way. God only knows what big “issue” the MSM will move on to next regarding the GOP presidential candidates, but rest assured we’ll be here to mock those “news” organizations every step of the way.


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