Five Woke Companies You’ll Want to Avoid When Shopping This Holiday Season

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us, friends, and that means discounts upon discounts upon discounts. You’ll want to get in on those deals because, well, Bidenflation, but be careful where you spend your precious dollars. Woke corporations that don’t share your values are greedily awaiting your business, so it’s important to be aware of the bad actors out there.

Here are five places to avoid this shopping season, as compiled by Consumers’ Research. Some of these may surprise you.


What will come as no surprise to any of you is that Target is on the list of places to avoid, and not just during the holidays. They have embraced DEI initiatives like no other retail giant, showing their true colors when they released their now-infamous “tuck-friendly” bathing suit to celebrate Pride Month. Despite receiving fierce blowback for their efforts to erase womanhood and indoctrinate young children, Target has proceeded with its tone-deaf agenda and recently released a line of woke Christmas items. Its tanking stock price shows just how out of step they are with consumers.


This one hurts. Best Buy is well-known for it’s smoking hot holiday deals, with people camping out to get in on the Black Friday discounts. Unfortunately, Best Buy is also known for adopting “a race-based management training program that prioritized race above other factors by requiring applicants to ‘identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander.”’ This program is still in place, and the big box retailer has big plans for 2024: prioritizing the hiring of BIPOC and women corporate employees.


Avoiding Activision will hit gamers and gamer families hard, as they are the creators and distributors of some of the best-selling video games on the market, including Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, and World of Warcraft. They’ve also leaned into the DEI nonsense favored by Best Buy, with a stated sexist and racist goal of increasing the number of women and non-binary employees by 50%.


Nordstrom is headquartered in Seattle, so it’s little surprise that their corporate vision has fallen into lockstep with the liberal politics of its hometown. Not only are they big embracers of Pride Month, but they are also affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), “an organization who created the Welcoming School Program, known for promoting harmful ideologies related to children in schools.” A quick look at Nordstrom’s website confirms that they are all-in on promoting a leftist agenda.


This one is a bit of a surprise since its billionaire co-founder, Bernie Marcus, often makes the rounds of conservative media and recently endorsed Donald Trump. Sadly, it seems that Home Depot’s current leadership is leaning hard to the left. Like Nordstrom, they support HRC’s Welcoming School Program, “which is specifically geared towards indoctrinating schools on how to promote LGBTQ+ ideology among vulnerable students under the guise of inclusivity.”

Luckily for conservatives, a booming parallel economy is rising from the ash heap of the DEI-embracing corporate retail world. One company in particular, PublicSquare, popped onto the scene this year with a shopping app and website filled with small businesses whose owners reject the leftist agenda that has infected so many businesses and, instead, embrace traditional, pro-American values. If you’ve been wondering if these businesses actually exist, wonder no more. They’re here and they’re ready to handle all of your holiday shopping needs.

PublicSquare CEO Michael Seifert told RedState:

Major retailers have recently operated like progressive political organizations rather than functioning companies and this Christmas season, consumers should remember that what they spend their money on is what they empower. If Americans want the “woke” politics out of the marketplace, they have to move their dollars toward businesses that will stand for the country, the Constitution, and the values that document protects. We’re proud to host the largest network in the world of businesses like that at

Conservatives have options these days, something we should celebrate and keep in mind as we plan our holiday purchases. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, a friend, or a family member to heaps of great conservative news and commentary this holiday season — and who wouldn’t want that as we head into 2024? — you should consider joining the ranks of our VIP community right here at RedState. Just click this link, sign up and you’re on your way to accessing exclusive content and, most importantly, a community of like-minded thinkers. And, trust me, participating in the comments section alone is worth the price of entry. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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